6 Reasons to Enjoy Chicken Skin

6 Reasons to Enjoy Chicken SkinStop paying top dollar for skinless chicken.  Chicken skin is not the bad egg it’s made out to be and let’s face it, it’s delicious (the crispier the better!).

Here’s our top 6 reasons to enjoy the best bit of chicken:

  1. The fat in chicken skin is mainly monounsaturated, in the form of oleic acid. Oleic acid, also found in olive oil, is known for lowering blood pressure, protecting our cells from damage plus host of other health benefits.
  2. Naturally there are also saturated fats in chicken skin. Don’t let this put you off. The link between saturated fat and cholesterol is by association only and has not been found to cause high cholesterol in most people.
  3. If you’re counting calories (stay tuned for a blog on this soon), there’s roughly a 50 calorie difference between chicken with or without skin. Seems a small price to pay for a huge increase in flavour and enjoyment.
  4. Which leads to another important point. When your food satisfies your taste buds and body’s cravings, you don’t need to eat as much or as often. You can go back to loving food instead of fearing it.
  5. Fat doesn’t make you fat. Too much sugar (which has no fat) converts to fat and processed junk food can make you fat, but a bit of chicken skin naturally grown on a real chicken will not make you fat.
  6. Naturally occurring fats make chicken delicious.  No marinades or sauces needed. Cooking is easy. Just add a sprinkle of salt and herbs before cooking and voila!

Try our Lemon & Oregano Chicken Chops  in the recipes section and go forth and enjoy your chicken skin!

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