Find your WHY and you’ll find your way

Establishing Goals

I recently facilitated a group coaching session and got the participants to write down their goals.  Most of them wanted to lose weight.  I then asked them WHY they wanted to lose weight and one answered ‘doesn’t everyone?’.

I loved the honesty of the answer and it was a chance for me to delve deeper into the WHY around the goal.  If you don’t know the deeper reason why you want the weight off, you are detached from your most powerful motivation source – YOU!

Your WHY is the fire in your belly, your mojo, your core motivation that connects you to the goal on an emotional level.

Given there is a multi-million dollar weight-loss industry out there and a worldwide obesity epidemic, it would appear clear that just setting goals isn’t enough. Researchers like Deci and Ryan, founders of Self-determination theory, have shown that if you find your own reasons why a goal is important to you, and are emotionally connected to this goal, you are more likely to achieve it.  

Your WHY needs to come from within you (the geeky science term is ‘self-determined extrinsic motivation’ and an even better, but similar form of motivation is ‘Intrinsic motivation’).  I’m not saying weight loss shouldn’t be on your radar, but to stick to a weight-loss plan you need a deeper reason that’s not just the numbers on the scales.  

Here are some examples of WHY’s around weight loss:

  • I want to have more energy to play with the kids, or I want to be a role model for them
  • I want to be pain free
  • I want to be be here for my grandchildren
  • I want to feel happy again
  • I want to buy the clothes that make me feel comfortable
  • I want to respect myself
  • I want to bounce out of bed in the morning and look forward to the day

Your core reason for WHY you want to reach your goal is unique to you, but it must connect with you on an emotional level.

What’s your WHY for achieving your goal?

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