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Optimising People

Reinvigorating Business

Ritualize Values

  • Customer Centricity

    Without customers, we’re just a good idea. At Ritualize, we like to tailor solutions to our customers’ needs and like to help them measure the success – or otherwise – of our programs.

  • Growth Mindset

    We have a fair amount of expertise, but we are continually striving to get better. This includes seeking constructive criticism from each other and our customers, and acting on it; seeing failure as an opportunity to learn and improve; and seeking out challenges that stretch us personally and professionally.

  • Be the Change

    Ghandi said it, and we like to live it. If you want to work in a cool place, then be an awesome colleague. If you want the world to be a better place, create or work in a business that strives for it. And if you want to be understood, first seek to understand.

Our Company Roadmap

  • 2014

    The idea was born in 2014. Paul then enlisted the help of his mad creative genius friend Damien, and together they wore out many a whiteboard marker mapping out the idea and journey.

    As soon as the business idea took shape, Paul enlisted the commercially savvy Matt McCann to become Chairman & co-founder.

    Next step was to build a MVP (minimally viable product).

    Then to road test it in a clinical environment. Inspirational Woolworths CEO, Tjeerd Jegen, funded a clinical trial, and the product was successfully tested with Woolworths employees.

  • 2015

    Late 2015 saw the first customer launch, with Johnson & Johnson ANZ.

  • 2016

    Ritualize rolled out a town-wide wellbeing program with Rio Tinto in Weipa, Far North Queensland, Australia.

  • 2017

    Medibank got nominated for a HR award for the internal roll-out of Ritualize.  In early 2017, Ritualize entered the UK market with heavyweight customer Carillon.