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Not a runner? Six reasons to enter a fun run anyway

Spring is when we see a flurry of fun runs and walks of short and long distances take-place around the country and if you've ever watched a Fun Run you'll have noticed the buzz, the pride and yes - sense of well-earned celebration as people cross the finish line.

Ice Ice baby - 4 days of cold exposure

Cold emersion and mindset has shown to influence the sympathetic nervous system and immune system, once believed to be systems that could not be voluntarily influenced.
Benefits of Basil
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Benefits of Basil

Adding herbs and spices to your dishes is not just about flavour.  There are a host of nutritional benefits and it’s a good idea to include them in your diet each day. Basil is one such example.  It evokes the aroma’s of Italian sauces…

Power in Affirmations and Positive Thinking

We are often not aware that our mind can be trained to think positively, and positive affirmations are a great tool for re-training your own thought processes. Research is showing that positive affirmations do in fact rewire the brain.While…

Food Rituals for Everyday Life and Busy People

Being  busy often gets in the way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  One secret to success in eating healthy while being busy is to keep it simple and create a ritual.  Thinking less and making fewer decisions.If healthy food is there,…
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Creative Ways to Eat More Vegetables

Including loads of vegetables in your diet is so important for your health. Vegetables are incredibly rich in nutrients and antioxidants, which boost your health and help fight off disease. Additionally, they are good for weight control as…
Benefits Good Fats in your Diet
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Choosing the right olive oil for better health

The benefits of olive oil We know the amazing benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), such as a huge array of beneficial polyphenols and fats that are good for your heart and brain. EVOO also has a high smoke point, so you can fry and bake…
Micronutrients in Fruit

Cooking Matters and the Benefits of Micronutrients

The Benefits of Micronutrients We know fruit and vegetables contain healthy micronutrients - vitamins and minerals, but did you know that different methods of food preparation can affect the levels of vitamin content and bioavailability (how…
Effects of antioxidant supplements
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Are Antioxidant supplements making you weaker?

The marketing of antioxidant supplements We have been marketed to by antioxidant supplements for years, with their health and longevity benefits being touted no end. The theory goes something like this: 1. Free radicals, or reactive oxygen…